Poll: Best X-Movie of All-Time

We are now two weeks away from X8 or X9 if you count Deadpool as an X-Men film.  I do, because there’s no way he’s not going to be woven into the fold in the future.  Though X-Men: Apocalypse is not getting the kind of reviews we’ve come to expect from a Brian Singer X-Men film, the franchise will go on, and hopefully to better things.  It’s a shame though that probably the best villain never to make it on the big screen is going to be wasted and thrown in the “Mr. Freeze bin” of tainted blue dastardlies.  Vote for your favorite X-Film and we’ll have the results when Apocalypse opens on May 27, 2016.
X-Men: Apocalypse, Apocalypse, Oscar Isaac

Complete List of Achievements/Trophies for Doom (Xbox, Playstation – 2016)

The game that sent mothers howling to Congress to get video games banned is back!  The original Doom probably wouldn’t even merit a M rating in today’s video game market, and Doom 4 (or just Doom as we’re calling it again) has enough blood to spackle a slaughterhouse.  It releases today (and, yes, the BFG is back and you can get achievement points for just finding the sucker).  Read below for your full list of cheevos and trophies courtesy, as always, from the peerless xboxachievements.com.

Dr. Doom, Fantastic Four
Oops, wrong Doom

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