NBC Announces 2016-2017 Primetime Schedule


NBC has been struggling for years.  What was “Must See TV” has become “The Blacklist with a lot of shows about Chicago”.  NBC has unveiled its fall schedule for 2016-2017, and what do you know?  Another Blacklist and Chicago show (four now if you’re scoring at home).  Coming Soon has a brilliant, in-depth summary of the announcement, new schedule and an analysis of each show that I’ll post after the jump.  Of the proposed new shows, Emerald City intrigues me; the Taken series does not.  There’s a show set in the DC Universe called Powerless, and NBC icons Ted Danson and John Lithgow return to the network in new comedies.  The Blacklist is far and away the network’s best show.  I’m afraid franchising it will weaken it, though as long as James Spader keeps spouting random monologues about places he’s been, I will continue to watch with rapt attention.  Here’s Coming Soon’s breakdown: Continue reading NBC Announces 2016-2017 Primetime Schedule