Site Note: Killing Time on Twitter

Greetings, Time Killers, I just wanted to drop in and say that I’ve greatly increased KT’s presence on Twitter.  You know the Facebook page ( gets everything this page does plus extra stories that I don’t really have anything to add to and do not particularly want to rewrite.  Now that same extra coverage (as well as everything from the page) will always be on KT’s twitter feed (@sleeplessdave).  Ideally, I should have created a Twitter feed for KT that was not originally my own, but then we picked up 1200 Twitter followers in six days this week and that no longer seems a tenable option.  So if you are a Tweeterer (not a word, should be), follow us there.

PS – I will now say what I said on both Twitter and Facebook already today which is that I hate every one  of you who helped Angry Birds to #1 at the box office.  You realize you just created a franchise, maybe even a shared universe of handheld gaming movies that we’ll never be rid of EVER!  You, YOU, are the reason we’re getting a Tetris Trilogy!  IT’S ABOUT SHAPES FALLING FROM THE SKY!  HOW IS THAT A MOVIE???  LET ALONE THREE??  MADNESS!!!  CATS ARE LYING DOWN WITH DOGS, CLOCKS TURNING BACKWARDS, AAAAARGH!