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How Tall is Your Favorite DC Character? Fantastic Comic Art!!!

DC Height Comparison
From DC and Costume Collection, comes this great piece showing exactly how tall the members of the DCU are.  From Robin to Swamp Thing, you can figure out exactly where you rank.  I am Aquaman.  This leaves me somehow feeling less cool than we did the Marvel one and I ended up in the company of Nick Fury and The Punisher.  But…..hey…..trident!  How exactly did they determine the heights?  I’m so glad you asked….and I will be lazy and let them tell you:
Batman, Joker

By thoroughly researching the DC Wikia database and other sources, we’ve been able to accurately compare 21 different superheros on an infographic hand-drawn in the classic comic book style. And yes, Superman IS taller than Batman. By one inch.

With the upcoming release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and The Justice League, you can get even more of an insight into the true physicality of these DC Comics superheroes. Some of them might surprise you!

Robin, for instance, is only 4’6” and still in his teens. Our representation of Robin is the latest revision of the character and Bruce Wayne’s biological son, Damian. The first Robin, Dick Grayson, eventually becomes the vigilante superhero Nightwing after outgrowing his status as Batman’s side-kick.

Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot

And who would have thought any female superhero could be taller than Wonder Woman? Those alien genetics inherited by Starfire must be good for producing tall and powerful heroines.

Regardless of what height they really are, there’s nothing stopping you from walking in the shoes of your favourite DC superhero.

*Thanks for Mackenzie Fox for the tip!


8 thoughts on “How Tall is Your Favorite DC Character? Fantastic Comic Art!!!”

  1. I never notice the (admittedly small) void in my life until you post these things and they fill it.

    Do you know exactly what is going on at WB right now? First I hear that Snyder is out, then someone in the know turns around and announces that MOS, BvS, and JL1 and 2 are going to form one big movie.

    Are they just saving face? Do they not want to publicly admit that they have a problem?

    I really hope Suicide Squad lives up to all the buzz, but I have to admit it bothers me a little that WB is going to have its first unequivocal DC success with a film that glorifies psychopaths. Not that I’m not dying to see the movie, but it would have sat better if JL had come first.

    Maybe it’s just the past few days, making me hypersensitive.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Can I recommend a book? It’s called Writing Movies for Fun and Profit, written by these two insanely successful screenwriters (one of them wrote the Night at the Museum films) and even if you don’t plan on trying your hand at a screenplay, it’s hilarious and horrifying and will make you wonder how any good movie gets made, ever.


      1. Wow. I usually resist these kinds of theories, but it’s hard to argue with THAT. It makes me wish even more that Boba had been given a death consummate with his awesomeness and evil. There’s one SE change I wouldn’t have minded. Should have been beheaded, like his father.


      2. Oh that was repealed in Star Wars Battlefront. He officially escaped the pit, its canon. This theory would be so brilliant. If he is a clone though, Kasdan hates that and says he will change it. In Rebels the Clones are old men, so I think he must not be or found a way to get past the acceleration of age.


      3. I did not know that about SW Battlefront. This is why I need to get with the SW games, at least. My one huge prequel problem was the handling of Boba, and I am really holding out hope that Kasdan has something clever up his sleeve, and possibly something brilliant. The accelerated aging is not a problem BTW, Boba was an unaltered clone of Jango.


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