Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Gallery of Fan Posters!!!


Though Star Wars manages to remain an exception, with continued iconic masterpieces for poster art, movie posters-in general-have become cookie cutter.  Most posters could be assembled in PhotoShop in five minutes for all the thought that was put into them.  They used to be art.  They were as much a part of selling your film to the public as the trailer was, more, actually because before the Internet, it was a gamble if your trailer was even going to be seen by the moviegoing public.  You needed a piece of arresting art to capture their minds and stir their imagination.  The fan art that was generated leading up to Episode VII was astounding.  I have the official Episode VII poster on the Killing Time home office walls, so I obviously have no complaints there, but the Star Wars fan community can churn out some gorgeous stuff.  Star Wars Fan Celebration in London mid-July will probably see the release of more Rogue One information, perhaps even the poster and trailer, so before then I thought we’d feature some of the best Rogue One posters from the community. Obviously, these are all the work of the talented artists and not my own (oh and while Episode VIII posters are only just beginning to pop up, I put my favorite at the end).  Happy Fourth of July!!!