POLL Results: Best MCU Villain

August’s poll asked the question, “Who’s the best baddie so far?” when it comes to the 13 films and four TV series that have so far made up the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Marvel bucked the established trend in comic movies before Iron Man, which was that the villain was the centerpiece of the film and the hero’s journey was shaped by their adversary.  Marvel’s films and series are very much hero-centric.  The readers had no doubt as to whom the top villain was.  Tom Hiddleston’s god of mischief was the star of Phase One of the MCU, and continued to expand his character in Phase Two, and I’m sure will have an impact in Phase Three both in Thor: Ragnarok, but in the Infinity War, as well. Continue reading POLL Results: Best MCU Villain

Complete Achievement/Trophy List for Forza Horizon 3 (Xbox One, PC – 2016)

While I am in real life, at best, a ….creative driver, I do like the Forza series.  The main series is very posh and geared more toward people who understand automobiles in way that borders on fanatic.  Forza Horizon is more for people who just want to race and may or may not believe that cars run on magic.  Microsoft today released both the achievement list for the upcoming Forza Horizon 3, which will be released for Xbox One and PC on September 27, 2016.  For HALO players, there’s a little bonus coming with the game.  The iconic HALO Warthog will be an in-game, playable car for anyone who has played either HALO 5 or HALO: The Master Chief Collection.  Specs below for the Warthog and achievements from the Forza site.

Forza Horizon 3, HALO, Warthog

The M12S Warthog CST will be available at launch for Forza Horizon 3, and will be sent as a free download to everyone who has played either Halo 5: Guardians or Halo: The Master Chief Collection on Xbox One. Eligible players will receive codes to download the Warthog via an Xbox Live Message, and codes will begin to be sent out during the week of September 5. In addition, players who have not played an Xbox One Halo game will still have the chance to earn the Warthog via a special #Forzathon event coming to Forza Horizon 3 in October.

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