Kylo Ren Reacts to Rogue One Trailers and Goes on Undercover Boss!!!

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One of the great things about Star Wars is it has the ability to take itself extremely seriously, but at the same time, viciously parody itself out of love.  After watching Kylo Ren execute one of the most beloved characters in film history, you’d think there could be nothing funny about him, but Auralnauts and SNL beg to differ.  Auralnauts has put together two videos in which an actor (who is either secretly Adam Driver or doing an amazing impression with vocal filters) reacts to the upcoming promos for the film from “his grandfather’s” glory days.  Also included is a sketch from when Adam Driver hosted Saturday Night Live last season and absolutely killed in a skit where Kylo Ren participates in the boss/employee switcheroo show: Undercover Boss.  Watch and enjoy the humor of the DARK SIDE!!!

Rogue One Trailer #2 Picture Gallery: 70 HD Images from the Trailer!!!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Death Star

Now that you’ve watched the third and final trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story a couple hundred times, it’s time to start dissecting the best shots from the trailer.  There are actually THREE Vader appearances in the trailer once you break it down, and a slew of the gorgeous imagery we have come to expect from the prior trailer.  Here are almost 70 HD Stills for you to rotate as your desktop wallpaper and blow up and examine with a magnifying glass for hidden meaning.  Rogue One: a Star Wars Story opens 2 months from TOMORROW!!! Continue reading Rogue One Trailer #2 Picture Gallery: 70 HD Images from the Trailer!!!