Trailer Time: Patriot’s Day Trailer #1 (2017) *There Is a Time to be Strong*

We had an unusually strong September (followed by an unsually dismal October) this year.  September is usually the elephant’s graveyard for film, but we got two very distinct disaster epics in Sully and Deepwater Horizon.  Sully was, by far, the more successful and a brilliant film (click here to read my review).  Peter Berg is a director that we need to keep an eye on because he’s getting better and better with each film he releases, especially since he’s partnered up with Mark Wahlberg in Lone Survivor and Deepwater Horizon (that film’s review here).  The pair are taking on big stories, important stories, and executing them outstandingly.  The use of sound in subtle and explosive ways to immerse the audience in that horrible event was absolutely brilliant, and shows an attention to every aspect of film that makes Wahlberg and Berg’s next project, Patriots Day, the first event film of 2017 and we only have to wait less than two weeks into the new year for it. Continue reading Trailer Time: Patriot’s Day Trailer #1 (2017) *There Is a Time to be Strong*

Trailer Time: Collateral Beauty Trailer #2 (2016) *The Peculiar Pen Pals of Will Smith*

Collateral Beauty stars Will Smith as a man in the aftermath of an unspeakable tragedy.  His way of coping of it is by writing letters.  Not to the deceased.  They tell you to do that in grief counseling and sometimes it helps.  Smith is writing letters to Death, Love, and Time.  And mailing them.  This has his friends understandably concerned, but not as concerned as Smith when Death (Helen Mirren) shows up with one of his letters in hand. The film also stars Kate Winslet, Michael Pena, Edward Norton, Keira Knightley, and Naomie Harris, and has the daunting task of opening against the next Star Wars film when it debuts December 16, 2016.
Will Smith, Collateral Beauty