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Site Note: Reality Bites

Hi ho, Time Killers.  It is the well and established policy of Killing Time that we avoid reality at all costs.  It’s a messy, complicated business, and the good vs. bad ratio isn’t nearly what it should be.  That’s why we live in stories.  Stories are the shared imagination of our species.  Be they on a page, lit on a screen, lived in a game, or merely something you dabble with in your subconscious, in stories we can lose ourselves in worlds that make more sense that the one in which we actually live.  That being said, since I make a commitment to the people who seem to enjoy my mind droppings to have something regularly for their perusal, when that commitment is going to look shabby for awhile, I need to surface and give you a heads-up.

The last few months, I have not been able to put as much into the blog as I would like.  This is largely due to an enormous chunk of reality splatting into my life and knocking me out of the orbit in which I can easily use stories to dart out of the dark tidal pulls of the daily rhythms that threaten to numb us completely stupid.  I’ve been busy.  The previous sentence was a very wordy way of saying I’ve been busy.  Here’s the thing: over the next 10 days I will be even busier than I have been, and regular features or things that I normally would cover with ease, may have to be shelved in favor of me face-planting into a pillow. After that period; however, I plan for things to return to business as normal here, and I’m hoping my reality syncs into some kind of balance that allows me to share the excitement of the stories we love to experience together and does not burn me into a frazzled cinder in the mean.

I will do the best I can during this period, but I hope you’ll be patient with me.  There are 25 films alone I want to see to close out 2016; ideas for articles I’ve just jotted down, because time has been killing me more of late than I’ve been killing it.  Hopefully, we’ll right that balance soon.  Stab the minutes, people.  Stab the minutes.

Time Killer in Chief


One thought on “Site Note: Reality Bites”

  1. Good luck. Don’t worry…we all have lives beyond blogging. I myself am a bit behind on blogging. I’ve seeing several movies, but still haven’t written the reviews yet for them.


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