Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Poll Results: What’s Your Most Anticipated Summer 2017 Film?

Now that the chaos of March is done, we have a fairly quiet month reserved for The Fate of the Furious to rule until the summer movie season begins proper in May.  Killing Time readers voted and their most anticipated film of the season is the first one out of the gate: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.  Remember waaaay back in 2014 when no one knew (ok, yes, I knew) who Star Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and Groot were?  Marvel took a huge gamble on casting big names and giving director James Gunn all the money he needed to make a science fiction epic and open the cosmic corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  It opened the first week of August and practically steamrolled the box office for two months, ending up the year’s highest grossing film.  Now all those characters and more are movie icons and the sequel is getting the coveted “Marvel May Weekend” summer spot.  What a difference three years can make.Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot
Finishing a STRONG second is the DCEU release for the summer: Gal Gadot’s standalone Wonder Woman movie.  This film has looked better with each subsequent trailer and the spots released for both it and the third place finisher, Dunkirk, during the NCAA Final Four this weekend were outstanding.  Behind the top 3 was a three was tie between Alien: Covenant, The Dark Tower, and Spider-Man: Homecoming.  Then who voted for Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets when War for the Planet of the Apes got no love?  Did you take your kids to The Boss Baby this weekend?  ARE YOU PART OF THE CABAL RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT???  And, breathe.  What’s clear is there’s not much excitement among the readers for a fifth go-round of Pirates or Transformers, though what I am now calling “The Boss Baby Bunch” will no doubt make them each a billion dollars.  Sony made a savvy move yesterday and moved The Dark Tower out of a slammed July into the very same spot that made Guardians a success in 2014 in the first week of August.  Summer this year really ends with its release, so we’ll see if Roland Deschain and The Man in Black have the same household recognition when all is said and done.  Thanks for everyone for voting, and we’ll have a new poll up in a week or so!Dunkirk

Then there are franchise entries I’m less sure about.  The Despicable Me films proper have been great, so even though Minions sapped me of my enthusiasm for the little yellow buggers, it’s third entry has a much better chance of justifying its existence than Cars 3.  We’re also getting the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean and Transformers movies, and the sixth (or eighth if you count the AVP movies) in the Alien franchise.

So which one are you most looking forward to as the blockbusters of March and April…..transition into three more months of blockbusters?  Cast your vote, and we’ll announce the winner right about the time The Fate of the Furious (Fast 8) roars into theaters in April, which is definitely not part of summer now.
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

3 thoughts on “Poll Results: What’s Your Most Anticipated Summer 2017 Film?”

  1. Come on, would you seriously choose Apes over Valerian if you could only see one? That was rhetorical (sigh) and yet to me Valerian looks FANTASTIC. I know, I know, we now have an emotional investment in Caesar after following him across two movies. And yet.

    For me it’s Dunkirk, Dark Tower, Valerian, and Guardians 2 all the way, probably in that order. I was disappointed by the Spider-Man trailer. I know there aren’t that many places to take this if your’e sticking to the classic template, but I’m not sure the film will have anything new to show us. It looks like Raimi’s first two installments, but it won’t have Raimi’s sense of style. They needed to go somewhere very different with this character.

    Covenant looks like the first Alien, but with a bigger budget and better special effects. I thought Prometheus was terrible, but I did admire the creativity that went into the franchise extension. Say what you will, but it was a twisty, roundabout way of getting to the core of the material. I loved the way that a creature was cut out of the heroine in an actual c-section; it was a commentary on the way that the chest-bursting was always a nightmare metaphor for childbirth, and it prefigured the horror of the “future” events.

    But what was the point of the elaborate setup, if this new franchise was just going to become a remake? Maybe, after the lukewarm reception Prometheus got, Scott needed to prove to the suits that this could be a whole new thing? Because after this, he wants to make four more. Maybe Covenant is a bone thrown to the studio, and it it’s a huge success he can go back to doing different things with the material.

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    1. Oh in a heartbeat I would. I might choose Baywatch over Valerian. I have…a long standing grudge with Luc Besson over The Fifth Element. One, because I really don’t think it’s genius; I think it’s freaking weird. Two…..I made a very wrong call in taking a first date to that film (noooo second one). Regardless, what Reeves and Serkis have achieved in resurrecting the Apes has been astounding and there now needs to be a Vocal/Mo-Cap Performance category at the Oscars. Serkis CREATED a kind of acting to match the technology of the age, which I don’t think anyone else has ever done. At the very least, he deserves a special Oscar. Alien: Covenant….sigh, Ridley said SIX more Alien films (the man does not know how old he is), and Prometheus was a beautiful confusing hot pot of mess. I’ll see it, but it’s not high on my list. Nolan is the best director in Hollywood and could make a film about wood carving at this point and I’d be there opening day and have already bought the script. Wonder Woman I have increasing hopes for in the last few trailers I’ve seen. The big question mark is The Dark Tower. I know the trailer was shown at CinemaCon last weekend to positive reviews, but I want to see it. Putting it in August where there is NOTHING is a very smart move because it was the film that was going to get crushed in that July pile-up. I think Guardians is going to make a ton of money and be a complete blast. I also think this has to be the film that starts to set up Infinity War because Spider-Man’s not going to do it, Thor 3 may do a little, and Black Panther will probably set the stage on Earth, but some film has to set the stage in the cosmic realm and the marketing has been very general without getting into plot and I think that’s why.

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      1. Wait, six more? I thought the two that were already made counted towards the six. Scott has lost his mind. I’ll never forget trying to describe the plot to Prometheus to someone a couple of months after the film came out. I usually have a memory for movies that borders on the strange. I can remember the plots of made-for-tv movies I saw in my childhood, in remarkable detail. Prometheus was just a jumble in my head. I could remember individual events, but not the order or the whys. Of course, everyone had trouble with the whys. It’s just a bad movie. And even if it had been genius, I don’t get how Scott gets eight prequels out of Alien. I honesty don’t know what’s going on. And I don’t get how he thinks it’s going to happen alongside all the other films he says he wants to make. Perhaps the studio is just humoring him, because they know it will not happen.

        Sorry Fifth Element brings up bad memories. I will say that if a girl held it against you because you innocently took her to a movie she hated, you might have dodged a bullet. But TFE is one of my favorite SF films of all time. As in, it’s on my top ten list. I saw it five times in the theater. I’m skeptical that Valerian will remotely live up to it, but Valerian looks like it’s cut from the same cloth to such a degree that this is one of those “Peter’s Personal Woodstock” moments. I share your awe of Searkis’s work in POTA, btw, and luckily my hypothetical choice between the two films does not exist. I am chomping at the bit to see both.

        Man do I hope Dark Tower succeeds, but the novels are a strange brew, and while they were huge bestsellers like all of King’s books, no one really talks about them, except the people who belong to the core fan base, which is really a cult following. Moving the film was smart. We shall see.


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