No formal “In Theaters” Column This Week

Alec Baldwin, The Boss Baby

I’m on the road this week, so no formal “In Theaters” column, but a quick check in.  Could all of my readers who took their urchins to The Boss Baby last week and made it $50 million dollars please raise their right hands?  Ok, I just used telekinetic powers to slice off those hands which I feel is proportional punishment for inflicting us with a puppy hating, suit wearing, ankle biter who is now-as we speak-getting a sequel put into development.  NO I AM NOT BITTER YOU RUINED MY WINNING STREAK!  Yes, I am bitter.  And I think the stupid thing will edge out Beauty and the Beast over this weekend again (though the latter will probably pass the $1 billion mark  globally later this week).  The new releases this weekend: The Case for Christ, Smurfs 3….5….18…frankly I lost track, and Going in Style won’t challenge either of them.  So smug baby Jack Donaghy will win again.  Evil triumphs.  Hope fades.  Never have I been so happy that a Fast and the Furious movie was on the horizon.