FIFA 18 Complete Achievement List (Xbox, Playstation – 2017)

FIFA 18 is usually the end of sports video game season ending the month-long tsunami of titles to prep sports fans to do things digitally that we can’t dream of attempting were we handed a ball or puck.  Futbol or soccer (fine, it’s football, you had it first and it makes more sense really) always delivers a quality package and FIFA 18 looks like no exception. Cheevos below from the awesome and the game will hit stores September 29, 2017. Continue reading FIFA 18 Complete Achievement List (Xbox, Playstation – 2017)

Top 10: Movie Props of All-Time

CineFix lists are a staple now on Killing Time.  I love the way they continually crank out amazing lists exploring the breadth of the history of cinema, and how each rung on the ladder is a different aspect of the subject they’re examining.  Here, we’re talking props.  Iconic movie items.  The lightsaber.  Indy’s bullwhip. Inception’s top (an honorable mention on their list but I would have definitely put it up there.  Props even become characters.  Their selection, and I can’t argue, Wilson from Cast Away.  Tom Hanks got me to cry when a volleyball floated away.  Every time.  Because HE WAS WILSON!!!  Inanimate objects are tools of the actors and take on lives of their own.  They’re an integral part of film and this was a fantastic idea for a list.  Bravo to my favorite channel on YouTube.

Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Lost Ark