Wonderstruck Trailer #1 (2017) *From the Creator of Hugo*

If you loved 2011’s Hugo, then you should know that it is based on the astounding book The Adventures of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick, who also wrote Hugo’s screenplay.  Wonderstruck is another one of Selznick’s graphic intensive books that feature an astounding story (I don’t even think Hugo is his best book, so really check out his stuff), and it looks like they may have captured Selznick’s unique magic again.  Wonderstruck takes place in two timelines 50 years apart, featuring two children seeking answers to tragedies that have befallen them.  Selznick has again written the script and Wonderstruck will open in theaters on October 20, 2017.

Wonderstruck Poster

My Favorite Scene: Juno (2007) “It’s Not Easy That’s For Sure”

As someone who loves the English language and watching it get stood on its head and played with, I am also a huge fan of 2007’s Juno.  Not only do I think it’s a great and, at times, hilarious movie about the fairly serious subject of teen pregnancy, I think Ellen Page should have won an Oscar for her portrayal of the exasperated, increasingly inflating teen who finds her baby new parents by picking them out of a Penny Saver.  I love the rhythms of language Diablo Cody (who did win an Oscar for the script) picks for Juno.  When I was a teen, and really still, I think phrasing things the way everyone else does is boring, and am constantly making up new words to fit my needs.

My favorite scene in the film, though, is one that is one of the best father/daughter talks I’ve ever seen in a movie.  It’s wise and funny, showcasing not only Page’s talent but that of JK Simmons, who is one of the best additions any movie can make to its cast.  Juno’s dad has a pretty realistically bad reaction to the news that she’s pregnant and that’s one of the movie’s most painfully real reminders of how serious this all is, but by the time this scene takes place, he’s calmed down and gives her some of the best advice any father could ever give his daughter.  The question is, “Can two people fall in love and stay in love together forever?”  Simmons answer is better than any summary I could write.Ellen Page and Michael Cera in Juno