Movie Review: Stronger (2017) *Boston Strong….Eventually*

Tatiana Maslany and Jake Gyllenhaal in Stronger
In the past year we’ve had two movies focusing on the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing.  Peter Berg’s masterful Patriots Day (click here for review) gave a macro view of the event and the manhunt for the bombers.  Stronger serves as a companion film, focusing not so much on the bombing, but on the effect it had on the lives of one of the victims: Jeff Bauman (Jake Gyllenhaal).  Unflinching in its look at the price of recovery and the struggle toward redemption, Stronger sometimes errs on the side of making its subjects so “human” that the audience loses sympathy.  Ultimately, though Stronger’s subjects and the film itself hit their stride and the lasting feeling is one of inspiration.

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Cuphead Complete Achievement List (Xbox, PC – 2017)

One of Microsoft’s biggest problems right now is a lack of exclusives, especially this year.  Console exclusives are getting more and more rare, but when they come, they’ve been coming to the PS4, and that’s a long-term problem for a company launching the XboxX in two months.  Gamers who don’t have 4K are going to need convincing reasons to lay down the $500 Microsoft is asking for the powerful new console.  Cuphead isn’t going do that, but it is a Microsoft exclusive, well-reviewed, and there are-to my knowledge-no other games that look like 1940s WB cartoons featuring tea cups with run and gun action.  Cuphead is available now for Microsoft PC and the Xbox One.  Achievements below courtesy as always  from the peerless Continue reading Cuphead Complete Achievement List (Xbox, PC – 2017)