Jim Carrey in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

“The Meaning” Jim Carrey’s Motivation

“All decisions are ultimately based out of love or fear.  Choose love.”  In the 1990s, Jim Carrey was THE biggest star in the world.  He was a comedic superstar that hit like an atomic bomb.  His rise to superstardom was very similar to Eddie Murphy’s a decade earlier.  Both were stand-ups that got featured on a sketch comedy show (Murphy on SNL and Carrey on In Living Color), and then exploded into feature films.  Carrey had a string comedic hits, followed by two outstanding dramatic turns in The Truman Show and The Man in the Moon.  The Oscars, though, weren’t about to nominate a guy like Jim Carrey.  He wasn’t elite enough for them (the Golden Globes did, bless them), but Carrey took it personally, and not too long after….he stopped trying.  The last really great movie Carrey made was 2004’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  His comedies have been flops, and this dramatic efforts few and far between, mostly misguided.  He’s currently developing a Showtime show for next year.  It’s so sad because his story is so insipring, and the talent is in there.  I just don’t know what would bring it back out at this point.  But listening to this speech about why he chose to pursue his dream and his gift; you want him back.  You want his brilliance harnessed again.  I’m rooting for you, Jim.  There’s still time.

This is done by Absolute Motivation, the same YouTube channel that created this absolutely beautiful Robin Williams tribute I used a few months back.
Jim Carrey in The Truman Show

10 thoughts on ““The Meaning” Jim Carrey’s Motivation”

  1. My favorite jim carey movie is the majetic. I liked it when he stepped away from the physical slapstick style comedy. Although slapstick was his true talent movies like ace ventura or characters like fire marshall bill he excelled at i just didnt find those characters to be appealing. To me hes kind of like beethoven i dont go looking for beethoven when i want to listen to music but i would be closed minded to deny his talent.


  2. Whoa.

    Jim Carrey struggles with depression, as did Robin Williams. Unlike with Williams I always detected an obvious dark edge to Carrey’s performances, maybe an undercurrent of anger. This is not a criticism BTW. It is not a negative. There is a good argument that all comedy comes from pain. I’m just making an observation.

    Eternal Sunshine is my favorite film of his. I love Truman and Man On the Moon as well. Those films are so rich, and feel so genuine, in terms of how they show people grappling with thier own demons/limitations in the wrong ways.

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      1. I am still worried. He usually does not seem happy or stable. It must be horrible to be rich and famous and also deeply unhappy and depressed. Because what do all the adoring multitudes count for? I’m sure it throws unhappiness into sharp relief.

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      2. I think it’s pretty obvious that having a sense of humor gives the human race an evolutionary advantage. It is not an accident that so many people who are good at comedy are out there in the dark.

        It still hurts to think about Williams.

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