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Steve Rogers Story Will End in Cap 3! Will There Be a New Cap?

Captain America The Winter Solider

There have long been rumblings that Chris Evans wants to retire from the MCU, maybe even acting, after his contract is up.  He’s contracted for two more Avengers films and Captain America 3, which is already scheduled for 2016.  The Russo Brothers are returning to direct the third film, which is fantastic news after they delivered, in my opinion, the best Marvel movie yet.  In making press round promoting the Blu Ray release of The Winter Soldier, they talked a little about Cap 3.  (Though they did not address the rumors coming from Jeremy Renner that Hawkeye will be in the third Cap film.)

The first draft of the script is done, we will be seeing The Winter Soldier again, and they basically said that Caps 2 &3 could be looked at as two halves of a larger arc that leaves things open for the shield to be passed.  There’s a history of people other than Steve being Cap (in fact Sam Wilson – Falcon – is about to become Cap in the comics).  Transitioning to a new Cap is going to be a lot easier than transitioning to a new Iron Man.

With Iron Man and some of the characters that will be much more difficult to recast, I think you’ll see them transition off the revolving membership of the Avengers and fade to the background for a while as other Phase 2 and Phase 3 characters step forward.  This will allow Marvel time to retool, recast and reintroduce the core characters down the line.  The full article and comments from the Russos is below.  Captain America 3 is currently scheduled for a May 6, 2016 release. Continue reading Steve Rogers Story Will End in Cap 3! Will There Be a New Cap?

Marvel Sets the Dates for Five More Films. The MCU is Scheduled Through 2019!

Marvel Studios
In case you were worried that with the DC Universe rapidly ramping up to three films a year that the Marvel Cinematic Universe would fall behind….don’t.  In addition to two mystery dates that are already scheduled, Marvel announced five more release dates for films that very well may be revealed at Comic Con this upcoming week. Continue reading Marvel Sets the Dates for Five More Films. The MCU is Scheduled Through 2019!

Josh Brolin Will Play Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy

Wait'll they get a load of me....

We knew the Mad Titan was going to show up in Guardians to some extent, enough that someone would have to voice him (the character himself being CGI). Latino Review, one of the most reliable rumor mills out there, is reporting Josh Brolin will be the voice behind Thanos. Their full report below: Continue reading Josh Brolin Will Play Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy

Joss Whedon Has Added Another Villain to Avengers: Age of Ultron (Minor Spoilers)

This has been floating around the rumor mill for a few weeks, but I wanted something more concrete before I passed it on. Ultron will not be the only villain facing the Avengers in Age of Ultron. Heck, he may not even be the main villain. Today Whedon cast Thomas Kretschmann (King Kong, Wanted) as Baron Von Strucker. Continue reading Joss Whedon Has Added Another Villain to Avengers: Age of Ultron (Minor Spoilers)

Thor 2 End Credits Reveal Marvel Cinematic Universe End Game *HUGE SPOILER WARNING*




Odin, Anthony Hopkins, Thor 2, Thor, Thor the Dark World

Odin is dead…probably.  The wonderfully intricate and Shakespearean twists of Thor the Dark World left Loki thought dead, sacrificed for his brother on The Dark World.  During the climactic battle between Malekith and Thor, there is a cutaway to Asgard‘s throne room where a lone guard tells Odin that Loki’s body was found on The Dark World and that he’d died bravely for his brother.  We don’t see Odin’s reaction to that piece of news, but my theory is that whether he is alive or imprisoned is entirely dependent on how he responded.

Loki reading "How to Rule Asgard and Influence Cosmic Events of Import, 2nd ed."
Loki reading “How to Rule Asgard and Influence Cosmic Events of Import, 2nd ed.”

After Thor secures the safety of all nine realms, he stands before Odin and he offers him the throne, but Thor declines.  No longer the brash prince who desired the seat in the beginning of the first film, he realizes his place is as a protector of the people of the nine realms (and also near Natalie Portman).  Odin then gives him his blessing and sends him off and it is revealed that Loki is now impersonating Odin.  Loki was the lone guard.  So the status quo is that Thor thinks it his mission to travel the nine realms as a guardian (spending less time in Asgard) and Loki is ruling Asgard and may manipulate events as he sees fit.  That will prove extremely useful to him should he still be partnering with Thanos and that leads us to our mid-credits scene.9d234ca3-eb6b-493e-bfad-49aa3be2fe47_benicio-collectorSif and Volstagg enter a strange place that looks like it would be more at home in an episode of Farscape than in the Marvel Universe we’ve seen up until now.  There they meet The Collector, who promises to secure Malekith’s weapon, the aether, for them, remarking that since the tesseract (cosmic cube) is already secured in Asgard, it would be dangerous to have more than one of the gems in the same place.  Then, as they walk off, Cosmic Liberace (which is what I’ll be calling him) remarks “one down, five to go.”  Of all the teasers, this is the most obscure BY FAR.  I’ve read comics my whole life and I barely know anything about The Collector.  What I do know, though, is where all of this is leading to in Avengers 3 (presumably):the infinity gauntletThis is the Infinity Gauntlet.  It’s the most powerful artifact in the Marvel Universe.  The glove is composed of a gauntlet studded with six gems; those gems controlling different aspects of the universe: Time, Space, Mind, Soul, Reality, and Power.  The Aether IS one of the gems.  So is the tesseract.  I suspect the Cask of Ancient Winters…..um this thing…

NEH33WVEc6OPLI_1_1From the first Thor could also be one.  Each of these items of great power that have and will be revealed through the rest of Phase 2 and Phase 3 are those six gems in another form.  This is what Thanos wants.  This is Thanos’ end game.  Since Ultron is concrete for Avengers 2, I believe this plot thread will culminate in the third Avengers film hopefully entitled Avengers: The Infinity Gauntlet.  Marvel plans these films six years out, which is probably why they had this particular prop cut from Agard’s treasure vault between Thor 1 being shot and released:
infinity-gauntlet-odins-vault-thor-imageSnazzy, huh?  The Collector may be an agent of Thanos or he may be making a play for the Gauntlet himself, but he will be the villain when Guardians of the Galaxy take to the big screen in August 2014.  So that’s the explanation for that extremely arcane scene (which Alan Taylor has gone on record as saying he wishes hadn’t been in his movie and he hates).  This is the next step forward from the Thanos reveal.  When he got his hands on it in The Infinity Gauntlet, he killed half the population of the universe.  Without exaggeration.  Half.  We’re headed to an epic showdown that, I believe, will bring together all the Marvel heroes we’ve seen onscreen and will see through all three phases.  This is a pivot point.  Past that, they’re going to have to recast some roles and set up their next big thing, but this is the climax to our saga that began in 2008.  There is no story bigger or more blockbustery than The Infinity Gauntlet.  It’s going to be something to behold.

Wait'll they get a load of me....

Wait’ll they get a load of me….