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Movie Review: Lion (2016) “Beautiful Story A Bit Long in the Telling”

Dev Patel, Lion

Every now and again when the Academy announces its nominees for Best Picture they manage to throw me a curveball of a film I’ve heard absolutely nothing about (and that’s kind of hard to do).  I remember two years ago when Whiplash got nominated and I thought, what is this?  A movie about a jazz band?  How good can that be?  Phenomenally good.  This year’s curveball was Lion, and while I have my issues with it and it’s certainly no Whiplash, I probably never would have seen this amazing story without the spotlight of the Oscars, so I big them a rare thank you (I know, it’s shocking; don’t worry, I’ll make up for it on Oscar night and the world will return to….what passes for normal now). Continue reading Movie Review: Lion (2016) “Beautiful Story A Bit Long in the Telling”

Killing Time’s Top 10 Movies of 2016

It’s good that it was a great year for movies because we certainly needed the escapism in 2016.  I cannot recall a year with more quality films, both inside franchises and standalone films.  Exemplifying that most was Disney, which had the single greatest year of any studio in Hollywood history, grossing way over $7 billion, and doing it with quality.  It’s no accident that The House of the Mouse will end up with the top 5 grossing movies of the year.  Whether it be through their own animated and live action films, Pixar, Marvel, or Star Wars, Disney put quality product after quality product out in 2016 and people responded in droves.  It may be overly optimistic, but let’s hope that studios take note that the films that made the bucks were the films that were good.


And there’s so many films yet to see!  I have to qualify this as a preliminary list.  I’ve seen 64 movies in 2016 (normally I average 90 when all is said and done).  With Oscar films releasing wide in January, this list may very well change, which is why my ultimate say on the year in film is our annual Renaissance Film Awards which will take place Oscar week.  But as this year ends, it’s fitting and right that I single out the my top 10 (the quality is so deep, I may do a top 25 list later in February alongside the Rennys).  My top two films have not changed since May and they are such a dead heat in my mind that they just swapped again last night.  No surprise, both are Disney films.  I gave out three perfect 10’s (thus far) for 2016 films, but more 9’s than any year I’ve been a reviewer.  Yes, there were films we were counting on that fizzled (Batman vs. Superman,  Jason Bourne, Assassin’s Creed, etc.), but many more films stood up and surpassed our wildest expectations.  So, caveats in place here is my simple Top 10 as the year ends followed by a great 2016 Year in Film video put together by the talented people at We Got This Covered.  May you all have a wonderful New Year’s Eve, and I’ll catch you killing time in 2017. Continue reading Killing Time’s Top 10 Movies of 2016

Movie Review: Remember (2016) *It’s Never Too Late for Revenge*

Remember, Christopher Plummer

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum estimates that there are roughly 195,000 survivors alive today.  World War II ended in 1945, so most of those would have to be young adults and children at the time of that horror.  In another 20 years, most of them, like most who fought in the last good war…maybe the only good war, will be gone.  Institutions like the USHMM and many others have assured their legacy.  The world cannot be allowed to forget what humans did to humans or it will happen again.  There’s nothing new that happens in this world; just old plays with different players.  Memory, loss, old age, extinction, and revenge all play out in Director Atom Egoyan’s superb Remember; a remarkable thriller and perhaps the final showcase for two of the screen’s most unappreciated actors. Continue reading Movie Review: Remember (2016) *It’s Never Too Late for Revenge*