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Amy Adams’ 10 Best Movies

Amy Adams, Enchanted

Amy Adams has unfortunately inherited the mantle Kate Winslet had to drag around for a decade: “Best Actress Without An Oscar”.  Nominated six times, she’s 0 for 5 (the verdict is still out on 2019’s nomination).  Adams has put together an amazing body of work since she broke out in 2005’s Junebug and earned her first Oscar nod.  Whether in supporting roles as in Doubt, Charlie Wilson’s War, or Her; or as a lead in American Hustle, Big Eyes, or Enchanted, Adams always delivers strong performances.  I think her best performance was American Hustle, but her best movie was 2016’s science fiction masterpiece Arrival.  In the age of the comic book movie, most stars have been snapped up by DC or Marvel.  Adams has played Lois Lane in the DCEU in Man of Steel (which was good) and Batman vs. Superman (which was really not but not Adams’ fault).  It’s an unfortunate reality that quality actresses have a harder time finding quality roles as they age.  Adams is defying this trend, and eventually, the Academy will recognize her as one of the strongest actresses of the last 30 years.

Amy Adams, Lois Lane, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice
Amy Adams, American Hustle

Amy Adams’ Best 10
1. Arrival (2016), Louise Banks
2. American Hustle (2013), Sydney Prosser
3. Charlie Wilson’s War (2007), Bonnie Bach
4. Catch Me If You Can (2002), Brenda Strong
5. Enchanted (2007), Giselle
6. Doubt (2008), Sister James
7. Julie & Julia (2009), Julie Powell
8. The Fighter (2010), Charlene Fleming
9. Junebug (2005), Ashley
10. Big Eyes (2014), Margaret Keane
Honorable Mention: Her (2013), Amy

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Movie Review: Big Eyes (2014) *A Reasonable Critic Review*

Amy Adams, Christoph Waltz, Big Eyes
At the risk of sounding like a heretic, there was nothing wrong with Dark Shadows. It was a pretty good film in its goofy way. And if Tim Burton had made it in the years between Batman and Ed Wood, people would have enjoyed it. But Burton, aided and abetted by his longtime collaborator Johnny Depp, had gone to the gothic/whimsical well one too many times. Dark Shadows was also the first indication that people were tired of Johnny Depp. The weird costumes and makeup that had once made him seem so uninhibited had grown into ritualistic obligations. And Burton’s trademark style, so enchanting back when he made Edward Scissorhands, was now familiar and rote. Continue reading Movie Review: Big Eyes (2014) *A Reasonable Critic Review*

Trailer Time: Big Eyes (2014) Tim Burton, Amy Adams

Just when you think you’ve given up on Tim Burton and his cookie-cutter weirdness, he goes and does something like this and reminds you why you were so in love with him in the first place.  It’s been 12 years since he made that did that with Big Fish.  I’m hoping Big Eyes is a return to the form so many of us felt he’d lost.  The trailer gives that kind of hope.