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Harrison Ford’s 10 Best Movies

Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford has created some of the most indelible characters in screen history: Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Rick Deckard, John Book, and owning existing characters like Dr. Richard Kimble or Jack Ryan.  His legacy as one of Hollywood’s greatest action stars is already cemented (though his abilities as an actor are seriously underrated; one needs only watch Witness or 42 to see how good he can be).  Defying age, Ford is making a farewell tour of the most iconic of his creations, cementing their legacy.  He’s already given Han Solo his tragic end.  Then he made a triumphant return to the world of Blade Runner, now it’s on to fix the damage to Indiana Jones that Crystal Skull inflicted.  Whether that attempt succeeds as well as Blade Runner 2049 and The Force Awakens did, Ford’s place as a legend is already secure.
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10 Best Character Entrances of All-Time

If you’ve spent any time on YouTube at all, you know people are desperate for subscribers.  The last 10-30 seconds of almost any YouTube video are a needy cry for help from whatever channel you’re watching, but if you’re a movie fan, and you want consistently awesome and inventive lists, you need to subscribe to CineFix.  They turn out random Top….Whatever lists on a regular basis and they’ve come up with some great ones.  This particular one highlights the best character introductions; the first time you see a character onscreen and know they will dominate the film and fill your mind with catchphrases for years to come.  I liked this idea so much, I will not actually watch their video until after I publish this post because I made my own top 10 list below based off the same idea.  So if they copy my ideas, it’s certainly not my fault. Continue reading 10 Best Character Entrances of All-Time

9 Deleted Scenes That Fix WHOPPING Plot Holes

Deleted scenes are pretty much the highlight of the DVD/Blu Ray era.  Yes, occasionally you get a “making of” documentary that isn’t everyone sitting in a circle extolling the brilliance of every other single person on the film crew, but all Blu Rays can’t be the Lord of the Rings Extended Editions.  Deleted scenes give you extra information on the film, its editing process, and can often leave you slackjawed and goggled as to why in the world something was cut from the film in the first place.  For example, The Incredible Hulk is routinely at the bottom of pretty much everyone’s list of the MCU films, but if you watch all the deleted scenes, you quickly come to understand why Edward Norton threw the fit over the final cut of the film that got him replaced by Mark Ruffalo.  Sometimes a deleted scene closes a gaping plot loophole, one you may not have even realized existed.  What Culture has put together a brilliant little manic journey through nine films in which a big plot hole could have been fixed by the inclusion of a single cut scene.
Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford, Raiders of the Lost Ark

Indiana Jones 5 with Ford and Spielberg Coming in 2019!

Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones, Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford

We all knew that it was only a matter of time before Indiana Jones got the attention of Disney after it dealt with the matter of setting Star Wars to rights.  The other part of their acquisition of Lucasfilm will begin its tenure under THE MOUSE when Indiana Jones 5 hits theaters on July 19, 2019.  Harrison Ford is returning to play Indiana and Steven Spielberg will be returning to direct.  George Lucas will NOT be returning to produce and work on the screenplay.

Over the years Ford and Spielberg have both publicly turned on Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull and not so subtly blamed Lucas for its flaws, so not seeing him returning is not much of a surprise.  The question you’re all asking (how OLD will Ford be by then?) is 77.  While Spielberg has said the character will never be recast, he has absolutely no control over that and it absolutely will be recast.  Disney didn’t buy the rights to make one movie.  It would be a great opportunity to try to pass the torch again (this time not to a certified psychopath like Shia LeBeouf), but who knows what Indy’s last adventure will be.  If Ford brings back the magic we saw when he slipped back into Han Solo’s skin for a final time, I can’t wait.  The full press release from Disney is below. Continue reading Indiana Jones 5 with Ford and Spielberg Coming in 2019!

The Greatest Fictional Weapons of All-Time!

http://www.morphsuits.co.uk gets all the credit for this fantastic infographic that highlights the greatest weapons from all of fiction and brings them together in one fantastic graphic. Phenomenal!