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Movie Review: Logan (2017) *Farewell, Hugh, and Thanks”

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Seventeen years ago, comic book movies were a dead genre.  In 2000, the first X-Men movie was released and jump-started a renaissance of adaptations.  The franchise succeeded in no small part because the most popular X-Man: Wolverine, was cast to perfection.  Hugh Jackman was an unknown.  He’d done more musicals on-stage than movies on-screen, but from the moment we saw saw him cage fighting in a bar, he owned  the Wolverine in a way that no actor perhaps has ever fully become linked with a fictional character (Bond and Connery and Downey Jr. and Iron Man being the only comparisons I can come up with).  Logan is Jackman’s 9th film as Wolverine and his last.  The film that bears his name is a nearly perfect Wolverine story.  Unlike the PG-13 Logan that had to be leashed for the team films, this is the Wolverine from the comics, and yet, this a Wolverine unlike we’ve ever seen.  It’s unremittingly grim, wonderfully acted, violent and gritty, redemptive and tragic.  After all, Logan’s was a story that was never going to end well. Continue reading Movie Review: Logan (2017) *Farewell, Hugh, and Thanks”

Trailer Time: Logan Trailer #1 (2017) *Jackman Pops the Claws One Last Time*

Logan, the third Wolverine solo film, will be the ninth and final appearance by Hugh Jackman as the most popular X-Man.  No one, not even Chris Reeve as Superman or Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark has completely and totally owned a superhero like Jackman has from the very first seconds we saw him cage fighting in X-Men.  Seventeen years later, his journey with the character will end, we’ll see the heir to Logan’s mantle, and also bid goodbye to Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier.  This doesn’t feel like a super hero movie (and I mean that in the best way), it feels like an old gunslinger’s last hurrah, and set to Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt” (one of my three favorite songs), I got a little misty.  No one will ever fill Hugh’s shoes, even though one day they’ll cast another person as Logan, he has a choke hold on this role forever. Continue reading Trailer Time: Logan Trailer #1 (2017) *Jackman Pops the Claws One Last Time*

Hugh Jackman Will Be in X-Men: Apocalypse; Wolverine 3 Rumors

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Ok, Hugh, seriously, make up your mind.  We all WANT you to play Wolverine forever.  No one wants to follow Jackman.  It’s probably the biggest recasting problem since Connery left the Bond franchise, but it IS going to happen, because Wolverine is always going to be around an X-Men movie.  What Jackman can’t seem to commit to, though, is when he’s actually dropping the character.

At the end of X-Men: Days of Future Past, Wolverine’s fate, indeed his entire story arc in Singer’s X-verse was left very much up in the air, so it was extremely disconcerting to fans when Jackman in the space of a week went from saying he would “play Wolverine the rest of his life” to “I’m doing Wolverine 3 and then I’m done”.  Now word from the set is that Jackman IS going to be a part of X-Men: Apocalypse and that the storyline for Wolverine 3 will be based off of Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s “Old Man Logan” run.

First….phew.  He absolutely needed to be in the next film and that’s a big question mark regarding it resolved.  Old Man Logan is an awesome story, essentially it has an aged Wolverine in a future post-apocalyptic Marvel universe, where most of the heroes are dead and the US is carved up into little kingdoms ruled by various super villains.  The problem is that FOX has rights to almost NONE of the major characters from that arc, so without completely rewriting it, I have no idea how that works.  What lends it credibility is that currently in the comics, Marvel is undergoing a major reboot (they won’t call it that, but it is) and when the dust settles, it may be that Old Man Logan is the only Wolverine in the comics.  So it looks like Hugh is doing TWO more films as Logan before retiring his freakishly in shape body.  How those play out, we’ll have to see.  X-Men: Apocalypse hits theaters Summer 2016.
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