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My Favorite Scene: Lincoln (2012) “True North”

Lincoln is a supremely frustrating movie for me, and exemplifies everything that’s gone wrong with Steven Spielberg as a director.  The opening scene is almost laughable.  It seems like something out of a third grade play.  As always, Spielberg couldn’t end his film when he had the perfect moment (the long way down the hall on the way to Ford’s Theatre).  This film, though it wandered a bit in-between these moments, was about the passage of the 13th Amendment.  Everyone knows Lincoln was assassinated.  It would have been a far more poignant ending to see him walking to his death then to spend another twenty minutes showing it.

HOWEVER, Lincoln is still a must-see film because it contains one of the best performances by any actor in any role ever.  Daniel Day-Lewis is famous for subsuming himself into the characters he portrays, but his Oscar-winning turn as our 16th President was on another level altogether.  Lewis had to overcome everyone’s preconceptions of who Lincoln was and turn him into a real man for the audience.  That’s a tough task when you’re talking about the most deified figure in American history.  This scene is fantastic, but almost any time Lewis is on the screen you can’t help but marvel at the deftness with which he pulled off one of the great performances of all-time.  I just wish he’d had a director who could have shaped a better movie around it.
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Trailer Time: House of Cards Season 3 Trailer #2 (2015 – Netflix)

The House of Cards phenomenon returns to Netflix this week (though it’ll be hard to top the shock value of the beginning of season two).  The Golden Globe winning drama that put Netflix on the creative map will see all 13 episodes of season three posted at 12:01 a.m. PST Friday, February 27, 2015.  Time to put on your binge watching pants.  See below for a synopsis of “Chapter 27”, then tune in to see Kevin Spacey do his best work since The Usual Suspects.

Claire discovers that a drone with stealth technology is being used to track the sexual, clandestine excursions of capital hill targets. The developer of the classified tracking technology was a school friend of the late Vicent Foster.

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Trailer Time: House of Cards Season 3 Trailer #1 (Netflix – 2015)

House of Cards, the series which turned Netflix from a rental service into a major player in content development, will return for its third season on February 27th.  I hate to ruin anything about a show, so I’ll keep my thoughts on plot developments thin, but I’d strongly recommend rewatching season two.  If the show hits the ground like it did last year, it will do so without a recap, picking up where we left off last February.  It seems to me that the only thing that can stop the Underwoods at this point is the Underwoods.  Can they keep it together as they drive toward the Oval Office?  Six weeks to go!
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