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Movie Review: Noah (2014) *SPOILERS*


I feel odd putting “SPOILERS” on a Noah review, because if you’re surprised by the fact that there’s a global flood than there’s a very catchy Sunday School song you missed out on in your childhood.  I can’t say that I went into Noah (which I saw Thursday) with any real excitement.  I was more curious to see what a $200 million Arnofsky film looks like.  Kind of disappointingly…it looks like everyone else’s Continue reading Movie Review: Noah (2014) *SPOILERS*

Seven Character Posters for Darren Arnofsky’s Noah

There’s a $140 million Biblical epic coming out in six weeks….and absolutely no one is talking about it.  Darren Arnofsky’s Noah is making news really only for religious groups not supporting it, but they’re not really even putting much effort into it.  The article circulating with the poll claiming 98% of religious groups don’t support the movie is based on a poll that simply asked the question, Would you support a Biblical movie that was not faithful to the source material?   Continue reading Seven Character Posters for Darren Arnofsky’s Noah

Trailer Time: Noah Super Bowl Trailer (2014)

Despite this newest poster depicting Noah in a very Leonidas/Maximus role (which having read the Book of Genesis multiple times, it’s difficult to spin Noah as any kind of badass), I am still morbidly interested in what Darren Arnofsky will do with the Biblical story of the global flood.  This is the trailer that will air during Sunday’s Super Bowl 48 (which the Seahawks will win) so catch up on the trailers I’ll be posting all day today and tomorrow so that when game time comes, you’ll be free to make snack runs during commercials.  Noah opens in theaters next month.
Noah, Russell Crowe, Darren Arnofsky

Trailer Time: Noah International Trailer #2 (2014)

The deluge is still four months away and we’ve had three trailers in the last two weeks for Darren Arnofsky’s Biblical epic Noah.  This is the second international trailer for the film for the film that opens March 28, 2014.
Noah, Russell Crowe, Darren Arnofsky

Trailer Time: Noah International Trailer #1 (2014) PLUS Picture Gallery

Released almost on top of the domestic trailer, the international trailer for Darren Arnofsky’s Noah has a lot of footage not contained in the domestic trailer.  Since I exhausted my Noah observations (summary: could be cool, could be utter rubbish…it’s Arnofsky) in the domestic post, here are pretty pictures to make up for my shamelessly low word count.

Noah Noah Noah Noah, Anthony Hopkins Noah, Jennifer Connelly Noah Noah Noah Noah, Russell Crowe