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Sam Shepard’s 10 Best Movies

Sam Shepard

Sam Shepard, Pulitzer Prize winning playwright and Oscar nominated actor, passed away this week from complications from ALS at the age of 73.  Shepard was never a glamorous actor.  He rarely had starring roles; he preferred to work as part of an ensemble.  His most memorable role was his only Oscar nomination, playing test pilot Chuck Yeager in 1983’s The Right Stuff.  He was an actor who worked more and got progressively better roles as he aged, his next-to-last coming in the acclaimed Netflix series Bloodlines as the patriarch of the troubled Rayburn family.  He also was outstanding in the mini-series adaptation of Larry McMurtry’s sequel to Lonesome Dove, Streets of Laredo.  “Presence” is a quality you either intrinsically have as an actor or are constantly working to manufacture.  For Shepard, it was effortless.  RIP.

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Killing Time – April 18, 2013

 Like most people, my perception of the last week has been dominated by the Boston bombing and the subsequent incidents that seem to be popping up nationwide.  There’s an anxiety to things that just wasn’t present pre 9/11, and I don’t think the untouchable mindset we had is going to ever go away.  The reality is that this is how the rest of the world lives.  The bubble we lived in is gone and I think we know that, but reminders of it are still startling for those of us who grew up thinking we were bulletproof living in the states.  All things seem trivial by comparison, but escapism becomes all the more welcome when reality shows itself for what it is.  Did a lot of reading this week, keeping up with the Hulu queue (to the point where it’s down to 2 things), playing Borderlands 2 and after trying to find a good show I haven’t watched to go on a binge (it’s difficult), I tried The Good Wife finally and I’m liking it.  How have you dealt with this all-too-real week?

Books:         Blood on the Tracks by Cecelia Howard
                          Quiet as They Come by Angie Chau
                          Eros, Philia, Agape by Rachel Swirsky
                          Half-Safe by James Nestor
                          Star Wars: Loser Win All by Timothy Zahn

Blu Ray:       Brave (extras)
                           Safe House

TV/HULU:  The Daily Show with John Stewart
                            The Colbert Report
                            Parks & Recreation Season Five
                            The Good Wife Season One (apparently I watch this now)
                            Community Season Four
                            Modern Family Season Four
                            Family Guy Season Eleven
Song of the Week:  “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon

Video Game: Borderlands 2 (Level 17 Gunzerker)
                                Crysis 3
                            * XBOX Live, gamertag: sleeplessdave; feel free to friend me!

Comics:   The Shade by James Robinson
                       Ultimate Comics: Divided We Fall, United We Stand by Various
                       Flash Omnibus Vol. 3 by Geoff Johns