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Timeline of the New Star Wars Extended Universe (What is Canon and When Did it Happen?)

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Outer Places has put together a truly fantastic timeline showing an integrated layout of when all of the movies, TV series, comic series and novels take place in relationship to one another.  In the previous extended universe, which had hundreds of books and comics, nothing was quite certain as to whether it was really canon or not.  In the new extended universe, everything is.  If it happens in a comic book, it’s just as relevant as if it happens in a film.

And, just in case, you think big things aren’t happening in the fantastic comics that Marvel is putting out: Han Solo has a wife at the time of Episode IV and we see the moment Vader releases that the pilot the blew up the Death Star is named “Skywalker”; that Padme’s child (later children) survived.  In two week, Aftermath, the first novel that will begin to connect Return of the Jedi with Episode VII will release.  Exciting times for Star Wars fans!

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POLL: Best Star Wars Movie

The time has come for the geek question of all geek questions: which is the greatest Star Wars movie?  I was going to make this November’s poll to lead us up to Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.  However, I have a feeling we’re all going to be talking a lot about Star Wars this month so I thought I’d unleash the beast into the geek pit now. Continue reading POLL: Best Star Wars Movie

POLL RESULTS: Watching Star Wars for the First Time

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Well this month’s poll has closed and it seems there is a clear consensus about how newcomers (who have to be-at this point-newly born or closeted Martian agents) to the Star Wars franchise  should watch the films.

  • 53.85% said to watch them in the order they were released: IV-VI then I-III.
  •  Then came a confusing three-way tie for second at 11.54% between watching I-VI in chronological order (LUKE I AM YOUR FATHER…..yeah, well, clearly, thanks for the child support, Douche Vader) which I think kind of takes away the reveals of the Original Trilogy; watching Episodes III – VI only and swear that’s all there ever were (which is how I watch them now, but I’d agree with the majority for a newb); and Original Trilogy followed by creating a highlight reel of the 30 good minutes from Episodes I & II and the full III.
  • Only 7% of you thought only the Original Trilogy, despite all the prequel sniping.
  • I can get the purist argument.  But the 4% of you that said Prequel Trilogy only were clearly trying to see if I could hunt you down and fill your car with taffy.

Thanks to all the time killers who stopped by to vote and I will have another poll up for you to weigh in on soon.

Watch All Six Star Wars Films At Once!

From the dark recesses of things we nerds do with technology and way too much time, comes this from Michael McNulty.  Have you ever wanted to watch the entire Star Wars saga but thought, “Hey, what if I could watch all six of them simultaneously?”  Your multi-tasking geekery now has an outlet.  Enjoy.  May the Force be INTENSELY with you as you try to take all this in, and Happy Easter!