Mickey Mouse Harmonix

Complete Achievement List for Fantasia: Music Evolved

Fantasia: Music Evolved – Achievements

There are 50 achievements with a 1000 Gamerscore Possible

Harmonix has spent the last five years locked in the towers of their Video Game Shangri-La trying to devolve from the classic short film ; “Mickey’s the Sorcerer’s Apprentice a new game play style that was part the hallmarks of that mad night of musical   composition and half that of a mad club’s DJ laying it down off the chain (I don’t know how to say that correctly).  This week we were given the cheevo list to this witches brew of game madness and I having an authentic wand and Yen Sid sorcerer’s cap laying about am ready to go forth and do battle when the game debuts for Xbox  and Xbox on October 12, 2014 for both Xbox consoles.

The New Apprentice (5 points)11444Started your apprenticeship with some help from your humble guide, Percy.

Recording Artist (5 points)
Recorded your own unique music in a Hot Spot for the first time.

Haberdashing (50 points)
Earned the right to wear “The Hat.”

Musical Score (5 points)
Completed a Score Goal and revealed a remix.

Spelling It Out (10 points)
Discovered your first Composition Spell in a realm.

Chromatic Variations (40 points)
Discovered all 5 Composition Spells in realms.

School Reunion (50 points)
Reunited the Master Sorcerer with his former apprentice.

In Too Deep (30 points)
Used the Composition Spell in The Shadows.

Safe Haven (30 points)
Used the Composition Spell in The Haven.

City Slicker (30 points)
Used the Composition Spell in The Neighborhood.

Seed Planted (30 points)
Used the Composition Spell in The Plant.

Musica Universalis (30 points)
Used the Composition Spell in The Cosmos.

Record Collector (30 points)
Created a recording in every Hot Spot in the realms.

Magic Touch (70 points)
Discovered all of the Magic Fragments in the realms.

Page Turner (5 points)
Viewed a journal page while exploring a realm.

Journalist (20 points)
Collected all of the journal pages.

Librarian (5 points)
Played a song in the Song Library.

Off the Record (5 points)
Viewed a recording of a saved performance.

Switch Hitter (25 points)
Switched to a new mix 150 times.

Purist (5 points)
Played 3 songs with all mixes available, but only used a single mix.

All Mixed Up (15 points)
Played an entire song with audio components from all 3 mixes present at all times.

Multifaceted (15 points)
Hit every cue on 40 different Composition Spells in songs.

Edged Out (5 points)
Refrained from opening a Composition Spell by missing a single side.

Careful Composer (5 points)
Spent 120 seconds working on a recording in a Composition Spell.

In the Mix (25 points)
Revealed every available mix for 15 songs.

Mix Master (50 points)
Revealed every available mix for all 33 on-disc songs.

Virtuoso (10 points)
Earned Five Golden Notes on a song in Single Player mode.

Noteworthy (50 points)
Earned Five Golden Notes on 5 songs in Single Player mode.

Goal Oriented (50 points)
Completed every available goal for 15 songs.

Goal Star (100 points)
Completed every available goal for all on-disc songs.

Dueling Duet (5 points)
Completed a song in Multiplayer mode.

Take Five (10 points)

Created recordings with all 5 Composition Spells in Multiplayer mode.

Perfect Harmony (10 points)
Earned Five Golden Notes as a team on a song in Multiplayer mode.

Multi-instrumentalist (10 points)
Made music with 7 different instruments in a single visit to The Workshop.

Broom Mate (10 points)
Brought the celebrated broom to life in The Workshop.

Feeling Crabby (10 points)
Coaxed a shy performer out of his shell in The Shoal.

Creative Spark (10 points)
Put on an electrifying performance with all of the jellyfish in The Shadows.

Falling Starfish (10 points)
Juggled starfish for 30 seconds in The Shadows.

Fairy Weather Friend (10 points)
Led the fairies to 4 different secret spots in The Hollow.

Hidden Talent (10 points)
Found Mischief, the sneaky yeti, in all of his hiding spots in The Haven.

Nine Lives (10 points)
Played 9 different musical variations with the kittens in The Haven.

Flame War (10 points)
Deflected the dragon’s fire 50 times in The Nation.

Steaks on a Train (10 points)
Created a recording with both of the “food groups” in a single visit to The Neighborhood.

Room and Board (10 points)
Found new homes for the elephant and the fish in The Neighborhood.

Locomotion Picture (10 points)
Stamped graffiti onto the train in The Neighborhood.

Equal Opportunity Employer (10 points)
Had a workforce that included Fix-Bots of both sizes and all 3 colors in The Press.

Paper Menagerie (10 points)
Played a continuous 25-note melody using all 3 types of paper creatures in The Plant.

Circuit Bender (10 points)
Kept all 4 rows of The Motherboard lit in The Plant for 10 seconds.

Creature Comfort (10 points)
Showed 7 different movie clips to the lonely astronaut in The Capsule.

Dark Side of the Moons (10 points)
Spun all 3 of the moons in The Cosmos.

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