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Trailer Time: LEGO Batman Movie Trailer #1 *Darkness, NO PARENTS,…..CONTINUED DARKNESS!!!*

The LEGO Movie had an infinite number of highlights, but it had one of the best Batmans of all-time in Will Arnett’s LEGOized version of The Dark Knight.  So, naturally, he’s getting his own spinoff film, but with the benefit of having the same directors (Phil Lord & Chris Taylor) that masterminded The LEGO Movie.  Joining Arnett will be Michael Cera (Robin), Rosario Dawson (Batgirl), Zach Galifanakis (The Joker), and Ralph Fiennes (Alfred).  The LEGO Batman Movie is slated for a February 10, 2017, release.

The LEGO Batman Movie, Batman, Bruce Wayne

5 thoughts on “Trailer Time: LEGO Batman Movie Trailer #1 *Darkness, NO PARENTS,…..CONTINUED DARKNESS!!!*”

  1. Some of this is getting perilously close to All-Star Batman and Robin. I’ll go my grave convinced that that series is self-parody, but considering how weird the relationship between Batman and Robin has always been, at least when you look at it objectively, All-Star Batman and Robin is probably the best depiction of what the Robin concept would be like in real life. Robin makes Batman look irresponsible and crazy.

    This movie looks fantastic. If the trailer is any indication, it might turn out to be the most visually amazing Batman film to date, and I love how the various Batman adaptations keep vacillating in tone and approach. West to Burton to Timm to Shumacher to Nolan to Affleck, and now this. There are so many ways to look at the character, and he’s able to change with each passing generation while remaining true to himself.

    That is the sign of a great creation.


    1. I’ve always said Batman is one of the best, most versatile characters in modern literary history (the Joker’s not far behind). This made me laugh a lot. Lord & Taylor have a clear understanding of what makes Batman work and what can be used as humor with him without turning into camp or self-parody. UGH, did you have to bring up All-Star Batman? I don’t think I’ve thrown a comic book harder than I did #1. I just got to “I’m the g**damn Batman” and wanted to kick Frank Miller in the junk. I have read the rest of it. It’s hard to believe that the same guy who wrote such amazing stuff earlier in his career has descended to the awfulness of that work. So hopefully this will never remind me of that again lol.


      1. My favorite part is the stubble on Batman. Like I said I choose to believe that it’s Miller satirizing his own work. Thats the only reason didn’t throw the book across the room myself. Sorry for bringing it up, I never will again. But just out of curiosity, have you read Master Race? I haven’t gotten around to it yet.


      2. No, sigh, I probably will when it’s done. It’s not. The trade will probably be out around the holidays. Just please let it be even a little better than TDKR2


      3. I like the surreal artwork in Dark Knight Strikes Again. I also like how the overall work distinguishes itself from the original. But yeah, it’s a far cry. Yet I hear that after this new one, a third sequel is on its way. I would just like to point out that the Godfather (the only perfect movie ever made) and Godfather II (which is up there) are diminished by by Godfather III. When you think about the movies, Sophia Coppola invariably worms her way into your memories. George Constanza was right: go out on a high note.


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