Jim Carrey in The Truman Show

21 Best Character Departures of All-Time

Back in February, we featured CineFix’s 10 Best Character Entrances and made a Killing Time list to accompany it.  The bookend to that is CineFix’s massive tear-jerking list of 21 Best Character Departures of All-Time.  Just as a great entrance can instantly put a stamp on an iconic character, how that character leaves us is what the audience will take out of the theater will them as they go home to digest the film.  Obviously a good-bye is less fun than a hello, and a lot of these good-byes are for good, but all are iconic and it’s tough to argue with any of the picks made in the list.  If you have any that weren’t, feel free to light up the comments with your own.
Ian McKellen in The Lord of the RIngs: The Return of the King

2 thoughts on “21 Best Character Departures of All-Time”

  1. Breathless. As the sociopathic protagonist (sorry, I’m forgetting his name) is shot in the back while fleeing from the police, he stumbles and takes out a cigarette and puts it in his mouth.

    Watchmen. The film’s one improvement on the source. That wonderful blot that Rorschach leaves on the snow after Dr. Manhattan is done with him. One final statement as he goes.

    The worst exit of all time will forever remain Boba Fett.

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