Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 Trailer #1 (Disney – 2019) *#CloneWarsSaved*


One of the biggest and most surprising announcements out of San Diego Comic-Con this year was the return of Star Wars: The Clone Wars for a seventh and final season.  The Clone Wars was canceled in 2013 after five seasons (a sixth abbreviated season was released on Netflix after cancellation).  The Clone Wars animated series was arguably the biggest thing to happen in the Star Wars Universe between the prequel and sequel trilogies.  It did a lot of expansion of the roles and stories introduced and left unexplained in the prequel trilogy and probably helped to salvage (or mitigate the damage of) those movies for a large portion of the fanbase.  While many of SWCW’s plotlines continued into Star Wars: Rebels, many of the series most important questions were left unanswered.  Now that Rebels has finished, SW animation guru Dave Filoni will have the chance to go back and properly finish out Clone Wars.  Disney will be premiering a new streaming service next year and 12 final episodes of The Clone Wars are expected to premiere there sometime in 2019.Star Wars: Clone Wars SDCC 2018

4 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 Trailer #1 (Disney – 2019) *#CloneWarsSaved*”

  1. I know that fan service is never a good idea, and I have never endorsed it. But it’s time for some serious fan service. At this point in the game the fans will NEVER be happy, but if the choice is between KOTOR, and a trilogy from the guy who created TLJ… I’m sorry, but why is this conversation even being had? It’s time for some serious overcompensation!!!

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    1. Finishing TCW is a great piece of fanservice that is actually narratively warranted. Very nice move by Disney and Lucasfilm. Keep ’em coming. We deserve it lol.

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      1. On the other hand, I just read what Resistance is going to be about. Oscar Issacs and Gwendolyne Christie reprising thier iconic roles. Iconic, I tell you! I cannot wait for 9 to be over, and this sad chapter in galactic history to be relegated to a footnote.

        I have a feeling in my bones that Episode 9 will bomb, even if it’s the coolest SW movie ever made. Time will not heal this wound. Solo was an awesome movie. It failed because the fans have had enough. They have finally been alienated completely. It took a lot. I think you’ll admit. But the ones who did not boycott Solo outright watched it in a completely adversarial way. Trust has been broken, and is not coming back. Beloved characters could not win over the fans in Solo. Neither will these new characters that the fans find annoying after TLJ. God, no. In what universe? Are any fans going to listen to the reviews, if the film is incredible? Do you REMEMBER those reviews last time?

        If Lucasfilm makes a DARK, apocalyptic film that unambiguously ends the Skywalker story, and gives the fans everything they ever wanted in a SW movie, with zero cute kiddie elements, for example—i’m Talking R1, but on steroids—then MABYE word will get out and the film will succeed. I’m sure it will not happen. But they need to aim for the fans. In, then out, and then forget the First Order got it into thier heads to play Empire.


      2. BTW, I’d rather be pickled alive by aliens than see Lucas’s proposed third SW trilogy, but I would give a lot to see the microscopic Whills thing explored—-if it were an animated series doing the exporting. The prequels were radical films. With all thier flaws, they were insane risks for Lucas to take. I suddenly want more SW risks from Lucas.


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