Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Top 5: Characters We Want to see in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 *Guardians 1 Spoiler Alert*

Top 5

Guardians of the Galaxy has been out now for two weeks.  I want more.  I want more of it.  I want it now.  Yes, I know I have to wait until 2017, but that certainly doesn’t mean I can’t whine about it for three solid years.  Time me.  The sequel will be free of a lot of the info dump that Guardians 1 had to do to establish this cosmos, and there are plenty of big players in the Marvel Cosmic Universe that didn’t make the cut the first time around.  So who do we want to see in film #2.  Warning, I’m going to be spoilery so turn around now and get thee to a theater if you haven’t (and WHY WOULD YOU NOT?) seen Guardians by now.

1. Nova

Seriously stop reading here if you haven’t seen the film yet.  Seriously.  Ok, I warned you.  Since most of the Nova Corps gets wiped out by Ronan, you have the perfect opportunity to introduce Richard Rider, the Nova from Earth.  Plus, given their past shennanigans, it’s entirely plausible that the Nova Corps would try to insert one of their own onto the team.

2. Quasar

Quasar is a mantle that’s been worn by both Wendell Vaughan and Phyla-Vell.  I prefer Phyla because she’s more interesting and ….giant cosmic sword.

3. Captain Marvel

This is another character where they could go male or female depending on whether they want to use Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel in The Avengers or go with the original Kree Captain Mar-vell.

4. Supremor

I think this is actually possible given that we were dealing with the Kree in the first film and Supremor or “The Supreme Intelligence” is the ruler of the Kree Empire.  Think of him as a sort of hive mind of past Kree geniuses who is literally a giant green head who floats in a big jar.  Granted, he’s a little less imposing than Ronan, but still…big giant head!

5. Rom the Space Knight

Hey, if they can throw Howard the Duck into one of these movies, I can keep my dream of Rom the Space Knight showing up.  He’s practically normal compared to some of the others!

ALSO: More Nebula and Cosmo the Space Dog

Ok, you gave us Cosmo, but you didn’t give him the ability to talk!  Cosmo can speak.  Cosmo is awesome!  Cosmo runs Knowhere in the comics and should have taken over by the sequel.  Nebula was Marvel’s first female villain and we didn’t get nearly enough of her.  I’d like to see more of her sibling rivalry with Gamora.

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