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My Favorite Scene: Parks and Recreation Season 3 (2011) “Lil Sebastian”

The greatest episode of television ever made about a mini-horse. Fact.

Recently I finished my umpteenth re-watch of the misadventures of the waffle-loving, mini-horse worshipping civil servants that make up the cast of Parks & Recreation. The more I think it over, the more certain I am that Parks & Rec mastermind Michael Schur (who now brings us the equally brilliant The Good Place) created the best sitcom of the last decade. Parks & Rec started off as a spiritual spin-off of The Office, borrowing that show’s fake documentary format and, like The Office, the first season is short and underwhelming.  I can’t tell you how many people I’ve urged to try Parks & Rec who have flamed out after a few episodes, so if you want to start (and you should), start with season two when the show found its own voice and the brilliant ensemble began to run at full tilt.

In the times in which we currently live, there’s something unbelievably cathartic about a show heralding the positive impact the government can make in the lives of citizens. Even if you should loathe the government, the show provides the greatest comedic Libertarian ever forged in the mustachioed Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman). The show is earnest and heartfelt; self-aware and smart, and nearly always hysterically goofy. I’ve written before about the show’s third season (peerless) which contains my favorite moment in the series in the brilliant “Ron’s Swivel Desk”. I have to revisit that season because it also contains my favorite running absurdity of the series: Pawnee’s rabid celeb crush on local mini-horse: Lil’ Sebastian.  I can’t decide which moment in the episode is better: the tiny equine’s introduction and Adam Scott’s utter bafflement at his co-worker’s excitement or Chris Pratt’s “5,000 Candles in the Wind” tribute at the Harvest Festival so I am including both. In the dead of winter, if you need a laugh to warm your heart, you can’t go wrong revisiting Parks & Recreation.

My Favorite Scene: Parks & Recreation Season 3 (2011) “Ron’s Swivel Chair”

The state of comedy on television is at its lowest ebb in my life time.  It’s odd, given that television drama is in a golden age, that TV comedies are so mediocre that I can’t even think of one that’s worth watching.  Parks and Recreation was originally conceived as a spin-off of The Office, though the only thing the shows shared was the documentary-style format.  Though The Office plunged in quality at the end of its run, Parks & Rec stayed stellar through all its seven seasons on NBC, during which it was criminally ignored by the Emmys.   Continue reading My Favorite Scene: Parks & Recreation Season 3 (2011) “Ron’s Swivel Chair”

My Favorite Scene: Parks & Recreation Season 5 “The Episode VII Filibuster”

Amy Poehler is the most criminally unrecognized lead actress in a comedy in recent memory.  Why does she not have three Emmys for creating the fantastic Leslie Knope on Parks & Recreation while they keep slinging Emmys at Julia Louis-Dreyfus for the painfully unfunny Veep?  One last chance to get it right this fall, guys?  Poehler is also currently showing her talent as Joy in Pixar’s Inside Out, but this clip from the fifth season of her show is all about guest star Patton Oswalt.

This is not actually the scene that aired.  Oswalt plays a character determined to filibuster at a Pawnee, IN, City Council meeting and they didn’t bother to write anything for the comedian, they just told him to talk about whatever he wanted for as long as he could.  Uber Star Wars fan Oswalt then crafted his idea for for the plot of Star Wars: Episode VII and to describe it is to take away from its sheer majesty.  It is a geek fugue and he literally ties nearly all of nerdiness together in an epic rant that lasts eight minutes.  It’s one of the most impressive pieces of improv I’ve ever seen and that whole season was brilliantly funny so it’s telling my favorite scene is a rough cut.  Watch and behold!  A fan even made a poster for Oswalt’s vision.  It’s that good.
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POLL: What’s the Best Show on TV?

There’s a reason these polls run for a month, the really big decisions.  What’s the best TV show this year ran for a month and for that month, Game of Thrones lead 25 of those days with Arrow, The Walking Dead and Sherlock in a dead head behind it.  Then, at the last minute, Sherlock blazes past last year’s winner and takes the crown from GoT.  Sherlock is Killing Time’s 2014 Best Show on TV!

What do you think about the new champion?  Where did your show finish?

POLL REMINDER: What’s the Best Show on TV?

It’s that time of year again, Time Killers.  The fall is just around the corner and this fall is one of the most exciting in years, especially for comic fans.  Not only do we already have Arrow and Agents of SHIELD, but this fall we’ll add The Flash, Constantine and Gotham.  We’ll have a new Star Wars show in Star Wars: Rebels.

Game of Thrones is winning in the voting, but Sherlock, Arrow and The Walking Dead are certainly all within striking distance.  Can they rally?  Will Westeros claim the prize for a second year running?  It’s up to you!  Vote!