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Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse Trailer #1 (2018) *Peter Was Just the Beginning*

My Favorite Scene: Daredevil Season One (2015) – The Fights

Yes, I did already do a MFS on Daredevil Season One.  But COME ON!  It’s 13 episodes and we’re getting 13 more on Friday, so what else could I choose?  The fights on Arrow were the bar for fight choreography on TV (and they are restricted by broadcast TV), but Daredevil came along and kicked that bar up so high that I can’t wait to see them try to top it in season 2.  It will post 12:01 a.m. on Friday March 18th, and I’ve included the final trailer below.  DAREDEVIL!!!!

Trailer Time: Daredevil Season 2 NYCC Trailer (Netflix – 2016)

Last month, Killing Time readers hailed Daredevil as the 2015 Best Show on TV.  Now, straight from the New York Comic Con, comes our first look at the Man Without Fear’s second season.  It’s mostly a recap of the events of season one, but we do get our first brief glance at Elektra and The Punisher.  I’m assuming the return of Kingpin, The Owl and the evolution of Melvin Potter into The Gladiator, but who knows what will happen?  I certainly didn’t think they’d kill (HUGE SPOILER) in season one.  However things play out, I’m looking forward to Matt, Foggy, Karen and the rest of the gang (including a confirmed return of Scott Glenn as Matt’s mentor, Stick) from Hell’s Kitchen returning in 2016.  Netflix has not confirmed anything past 2016, but I think it’s probable season two will air as season one did, in April.
Jon Bernthal, Daredevil, The Punisher

Top 5: MCU Villains (insert evil laughter here)

Tom Hiddleston, Loki, Thor: The Dark World


There’s an old saying amongst people who compulsively read comic books that heroes are only as good as their villains.  The Marvel Cinematic Universe just churned out MCU #12 with Ant-Man (click here for review), and now we’re on a sad break until Netflix’s Jessica Jones in the fall.  If there’s a systemic flaw in the franchise it is that, while the heroes have been cast and developed near-perfectly, the villains have not gotten the same treatment.

Sadly, this is-in part-because a lot of Marvel’s best villains are locked into the X-Men and Fantastic Four lots that are owned by other studios.  The Red Skull was completely mishandled in Cap 1, and I don’t believe for a second he’s dead so hopefully they’ll give him his due the second time around.  In fact, if Tom Hiddleston hadn’t nearly stolen Phase 1 from Iron Man, we’d be talking about this as a real problem.  Hiddleston’s Loki is so good that the temptation is to overuse him because he’s SO GOOD.  Norse gods don’t age though, and Hiddleston will, so the smart move is to spend more time developing antagonists with depth equal to the heroes.  That will probably have to start with Dr. Strange, because in Captain America: Civil War, the heroes are going to be pounding on each other.

1. Wilson Fisk (Daredevil)

I think, and we’ll see if the fall’s Jessica Jones proves me right, that the best villains are going to come out of the Netflix shows.  They have what the movie villains lack: time.  The Kingpin doesn’t appear until the end of the fourth episode of the series, but his presence is there from the pilot.  D’Onofrio didn’t just make him a thug or a refined crime boss or a bully.  He made him a scared little boy trying to mold his world like a child building a train set.  Nuanced, brilliant and explosively dangerous, the Kingpin is the new standard for what a Marvel villain can be.

2. Loki (Thor, Thor: The Dark World, The Avengers)

I know, I know, you think he should be number one.  He certainly was until April.  He’s been in the most films of every villain (he was cut from Age of Ultron or he’d have been in four) and we’re certainly going to see him again.  Loki is a character, like all the Asgardians, that could have come off corny and dumb, but Hiddleston just ate scenery like a mulcher every time he was onscreen.  The best part about him, though, is he’s NOT pure evil, he does love his brother, he just also wants to rule the world.  He has depth that only D’Onofrio topped and he had more time to develop it.

3. The Winter Soldier (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

Oh he’s not much of a talker, but for sheer menace and ability, The Winter Soldier hit Cap and company like a freight train.  I did not like Sebastian Stan in the first Cap film, but I will give him all the props in the world for making TWS a foe that made the Red Skull look like a pussycat (which is actually a problem, but not Stan’s fault).

4. Ultron (Avengers: Age of Ultron)

Between Ultron and The Blacklist, I live in a world where I like James Spader.  However did that happen?  Spader did a great job with Ultron.  He’s a child, learning at an exponential rate and if he sounds like Stark….you have to remember he kind of is.  That is the scary thing and that, I think, will lead us to Civil War.

5. Whiplash (Iron Man 2)

I know Iron Man 2 has its detractors, but rewatch it and look how much it sets up for Phase 2.  If you had told me that Whiplash was going to somehow be made cool, I’d have passed you some very tasty pills, but Mickey Rourke managed to put actual menace in him and the scene where he compares his family to the Starks while Tony visits him in prison is one of my favorite in the MCU.

New Photos from Netflix’s Daredevil Series

Charlie Cox, Matt Murdock, Daredevil, Netflix

On the same day the Netflix releases season three of their flagship series, House of Cards (which I’m pouring into my head whilst you read this), the streaming service released a new poster and new photos from its upcoming series Daredevil.  The first of four planned series featuring street-level Marvel characters stars Charlie Cox, Rosario Dawson and Vincent D’Onofrio.  All episodes will be up on April 10, 2015.  So far all we’ve seen is Matt’s first suit from Frank Miller’s “The Man Without Fear”.  I wonder if he’s going to get into the real costume in season one.  Daredevil is personally my favorite Marvel character so I cannot wait for this. Continue reading New Photos from Netflix’s Daredevil Series